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AccuWeather Premium Detailed Benefits
15 days of Hourly Forecasts
With 18 different weather elements!
Wondering what kind of weather to expect at your family picnic at noon next Saturday? No problem! With AccuWeather Premium, you have access to our unique Hour-by-Hour™ forecasts – out to 15 days!

Judge for yourself what the weather will be like through 18 unique meteorological variables. This includes the exclusive AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature index which incorporates all the weather elements that affect how warm or cold a person feels.

Included Forecast Elements:
  • Weather conditions
  • Temperature forecast
  • UV index
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Precipitation type
  • Snow amount
  • Precipitation amount
  • Wind speed
  • Visibility
  • RealFeel® Temperature
  • Cloud cover
  • Dewpoint
  • Relative humidity
  • Rain amount
  • Ice amount
  • Wind direction
  • Wind gust
  • Cloud ceiling
15-Day Hourly Forecasts
Four Days of AccuPop™
Plan your day more effectively with MORE rain, snow, and ice information compared to free weather sites!

AccuPop's proprietary computer algorithms determine the probability of precipitation for each three-hour period based upon a combination of longer-term probabilities and precipitation amounts. Know when you'll need a few extra minutes to get to work, or whether you'll need your rain coat or your winter boots.

  • Graphs and amounts
  • 3-Hourly and extended
  • Snow, ice, rain
  • Total liquid equivalent
Interactive Radar
More than "simply" radar, our Interactive Radar gives you access to more radar than ever! Level II NEXRAD radar is the highest resolution radar available, and it updates every 5 minutes to give you access to the clearest, most up-to-date radar out there.

Looking for something specific? You'll be able to interact with the map - zoom and pan, choose specific map layers, see where lightning is striking, and more!

  • High-res (Level II) US radar
  • State-level lightning strikes
  • Covers sections of Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe
  • Worldwide high-res satellite
  • Interactive application, with pan and zoom
  • 24-Hour archive
  • Location plotting
  • Customizable layers, sizes
MapSpace Radar and Lightning Strike Tracker
15 Years of Historical Data
Sometimes you just need to know what the weather was 10 years ago – or even what usually happens on a specific day of a given month. Now you can have the data you're looking for, in an easy-to-use tool!

Whether you're planning for your business, for a special event, or just to prove your neighbor wrong about yesterday's snowfall, Premium subscribers have complete access to data from the entire AccuWeather climatological database of over 2500 US stations.

Includes these meteorologist quality-controlled weather variables:
  • Daily data and maps
  • Actuals, normals, and records
  • Comparisons to normal
  • Amounts and percentages
  • Rain and snow amounts
  • Heating and cooling degree days
15 years of historical weather data
15 Days of detailed forecasts
With 14 different weather elements!
Be better prepared for travel or any daily activity when you know the highs and lows, chance for precipitation, and more using our 15-day detailed forecast!

This always includes the exclusive AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature which incorporates all the weather elements that affect how warm or cold a person feels. Now you'll know whether to pack a rain jacket or shorts before you leave.

Included Forecast Elements:
  • High temperature
  • High RealFeel Temperature
  • Low temperature
  • Low RealFeel Temperature
  • Average winds
  • Total precipitation
  • Hours of precipitation
  • Rain amount
  • Ice amount
  • Hours of rain
  • Maximum UV index
  • Thunderstorm probability
  • Snow amount
  • Wind gusts
15 day detailed forecasts
StormTimer™ & Storm Table
Keep ahead of the storm, using AccuWeather's StormTimer and Storm Table! These unique Premium features allow you to see the expected movement of significant storms over the next hour, as well as showing the existence of severe weather elements inside the storm.

For example, you will see:
  • Dangerous rotation inside thunderstorms
  • Mesocyclones (precursors to tornadoes)
  • Tornadic vortex signatures (when the radar sees wind fields that could be a funnel cloud or tornado)
  • Hail (maximum size and percent chance)
  • Storm direction, speed, and maximum intensity
  • And more!
storm timer and storm table
21 Types of Local Radar
Track storms nationwide with more radar the way you want it. With our Doppler-estimated precipitation imagery, get a better look at whether a storm has large hail, high winds, or more – before a weather warning is even issued!

With 21 types of radar, you'll have access to:
  • Long animations
  • Hail potential maps
  • Storm top maps
  • Doppler-estimated precipitation
  • Wind speed and storm rotation
  • Different radar tilts
21 types of local radar
Worldwide Forecast Model Data
Do you want to take your weather watching to the next step? With Premium, access several of the commonly-used weather Forecast Models our meteorologists use to create our forecasts.

  • Over 1,500 maps out to 384 hours (16 days)
  • Decoded or raw text
  • GFS (AVN, MRF) Model
  • NAM (ETA) Model
  • RUC Model
  • DGEX Model
  • NDFD Model
Forecast Model Data
More Advanced Current Conditions Data
Are you planning for upcoming travel or are you part of a two-coast family? Now you have the tools to graphically monitor current weather conditions across the nation, state by state. View up to 23 trend variables on our advanced current conditions maps. Check out variables such as 3-hour pressure change and 24-hour temperature change, 6-hour precipitation and more!

23 available weather variables:
  • Temperature
  • RealFeel® Temperature
  • Heat index
  • Wind chill
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Wind gust
  • Pressure
  • UV index
  • 24-Hour temperature change
  • 24-Hour maximum temperature
  • 24-Hour minimum temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Wet bulb
  • 3-Hour pressure change
  • 24-Hour pressure change
  • 1-Hour precipitation
  • 3-Hour precipitation
  • 6-Hour precipitation
  • 24-Hour precipitation
  • Station plot
  • Visibility
More Current Weather Info
More Forecast Weather Maps
Are you interested in seeing the forecast for 10 days from now, but prefer to see it visually on a map? With Premium, see hundreds of state-level, 10-day forecast maps created from the AccuWeather Forecast Engine™. You'll also be able to see 5-day and 10-day precipitation accumulation maps.

You'll be able to see these 10-day forecast maps for up to 28 different weather variables:
  • High temperature
  • Low temperature
  • Heat index
  • Wind chill
  • Wind speed
  • Wind gust
  • Probability of precipitation
  • Probability of thunderstorms
  • Amount of precipitation
  • UV index
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Wet bulb
  • Heating degree days
  • Cooling degree days
  • Amount of rain
  • Amount of ice
  • Amount of snow
  • Cloud cover
  • Visibility
  • Amount of precip: days 1-5
  • Amount of precip: days 6-10
  • Amount of snow: days 1-5
  • Amount of snow: days 6-10
  • Amount of ice: days 1-5
  • Amount of ice: days 6-10
  • Amount of rainfall: days 1-5
  • Amount of rainfall: days 6-10
More Forecast Weather Maps